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SSL Certificates build consumer confidence and trust

Malicious internet activity erodes user confidence in digital security whether someone is shopping online or signing up for a simple newsletter. Fraudulent actions can make it difficult for website visitors to identify when a site is trustworthy and legitimate.

Get security with SSL Certificates

So how does a business protect itself, its customers and build trust? Start with an easily recognizable SSL certification with the padlock and "https" in the URL address to show that the site is secure. With a SSL Web Certificate, you will deliver a secure and convenient way for your customers to complete transactions and protect private information.

SSL Certificate benefits:

  • Encryption of sensitive information during online transactions

  • Authenticated information about the certificate owner to the user

  • Verification of the certificate owner’s identity when it is issued

Who needs a Secure SSL Certificate?

The following are many reasons one should have a secure ssl certificate: Online stores that accept online orders and credit cards, websites that have a login or sign in on their site, companies that process sensitive data online (address, birth date, license, ID numbers, etc), and businesses that comply with privacy and security requirements. Offers SSL Certificates Starting As Low As $149 Per Year.

How do you chose what is best for your website? Start by looking at the number of transactions.

  • If you have less than 50 transactions a month for $50 or less, a Thawte certificate may be your answer.

  • If you process hundreds of transactions a month or just a few big ticket items, an Extended Validation SSL could be the best match.

  • No matter what your transactions level is, choose an established and trusted brand like Verisign may be the most appropriate.

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