Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool plan include?

Our Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool plans provide a variety of tools to help you build, manage and promote your own website:

  • Our easy-to-use Do-It-Yourself Website Building tool allows you to create a website with easy point-and-click control
  • Web hosting storage for all of your files, pictures, movies, music, and more, with plenty of room to store a great website
  • 24x7 Customer Support to help you with any problems you have with your new website
  • Tools to help you include dynamic and fresh content for your website
  • Tools to help you sell products and services online

How will visitors find my website on the Internet?

Your visitors can find you by searching for you in search engines like Google™ and Yahoo!®, as well as by typing in your domain name, such as With your new website, you will get up to $150 in search engine marketing credits. These credits will allow you to ensure your customers can find you when they search for you using a search engine.

How do I get customer support for my Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool website plan?

Customer Support for your new Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool website plan is available online at or by phone at 800-932-4678.

How do I edit my website?

Your new website will feature our award-winning Do-It-Yourself Website Building tool that allows you to edit your website from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Simply log in, and you can edit your website immediately. makes it easy maintain your website.

Where will my website reside? manages the server and technology that houses your website. Your website will reside on reliable business-class web servers that ensure your website is available for your customers.

Can I edit the HTML pages in my website?

While the Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool means that you don't have to know HTML programming language, we understand that some people who do know HTML may want to manage it themselves. You can either insert HTML code into pages you create with Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool, or you can upload HTML pages that you create yourself. You can also upgrade to advanced developer hosting where you'll have access to advanced hosting features like PHP, Perl, and ASP.NET.

What does a person need to visit my website?

Do-It-Yourself Website Building Tool websites are built so that you can view them in many popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.