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Must-Do’s For Managing Your Online Reputation for Your Business

Everything is online these days, including those positive (and negative!) reviews of your business. It’s become almost second nature to search on Google for “reviews of ___” before customers purchase from your business online, get service done at your shop, or eat at your restaurant. We all know that bad reviews and online complaints can happen, but it’s important you take the necessary steps when managing your online reputation for your business. is here to help you with our Reputation Management Software and some tips to get you started controlling your business’s online reputation.

Know Where Your Business is Being Talked About

Search for your business’s name in search engines like Google and Bing to see what websites your business is being talked about on, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Then, be sure to claim or create a profile for your business on those websites, and add business information, hours, links to your website, and photos of your business. Our reputation management software can also identify where people are talking about your business.

Respond to What Customers Are Saying Online

Don’t be passive about your online reputation! Did someone leave you a bad review? Once you claim/create your profile on the website where the person left the review, be sure to respond to the review and politely and professionally thank the person for their review, let them know you apologize for their experience and it is not the norm, and will use their feedback to better the experience for other patrons. You should also respond to positive reviews as well and thank the reviewer for visiting your business and for their great review. Managing your online reputation for your business should be a conversation and not one-sided.

Check out What People Are Saying about Your Competitors

Monitoring reviews for your competitors makes it easy to see where your business can have an advantage in your space. Our reputation management software compares how often people talk about your business versus your competitors, making it easy to see what conversations are being held online. You’ll then want to see what people say positively and negatively about your competitors and use that information to your business’s advantage.

You control the success of your small business, so start controlling your online reputation! Managing your online reputation for your business doesn’t have to rocket science – our Reputation Management Software makes it easy to monitor what is being said about your business and your competitors. Order now and get started monitoring today!