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‘What Should I Include When I Make My Own Website for My Brand?’

If you have a name, you should have a website. Websites that help you promote and manage your own personal and professional brand are beneficial because they:

Impress recruiters. If you've ever wondered, “How to create my own website?” and used a DIY website builder like to launch your own simply and efficiently, you're one step ahead of other candidates in your professional field who don't have their own sites. The majority of human resources professionals visit personal websites when recruiting candidates. Portray yourself positively on your site, and you've taken a meaningful leap toward advancing your career.

Increase personal and professional opportunities. By displaying your passions and professional strengths on a website you create for yourself, you're making yourself available to web users who might be searching for someone like you to fill their business needs or to present a unique experience to. Bloggers who focus on dining reviews can score restaurant opening invitations, while editors looking for work may be discovered by publications searching for help.

If you've decided, “I want to make my own website,” include these four essential components to increase its chances of helping you offline.

Copy and Imagery That Shows Off Your Personality

Think about your top target audience for your personal website, and what high-quality content you feel can impress visitors. If you hope to attract attention from recruiters, display images that show you dressed professionally. Convey the fact that you're well-traveled with a tasteful shot of you in a glamorous locale. If you have a passion for serving others, show off your charitable side with some photos of you volunteering.

Let visitors feel like they're getting to know you by writing website content from a first-person point-of-view. Be genuine with your messaging, but have an editor take a look at it to ensure you're not publishing spelling or grammatical errors on your site. You could also feature a short video where you're talking directly to your website viewers.

Relevant Long-Tail Keywords

You'll increase the chances of people and companies finding your website if you use relevant and specific long-tail keywords. Besides your full name and any nicknames you might be associated with, again, consider your target audience, and think about what they're searching for. Use a keyword tool, like SEMrush or Google Adwords to gauge what popular terms related to your brand are and where there are opportunities to stand out.

If you want to promote yourself as a yoga expert, for example, in hopes of getting hired for more corporate gigs outside your studio, think about yoga-related words and how to also include keywords related to your location when writing descriptions and pages for your website. Adding a blog to your website where you can expound on topics related to your interests is a way to integrate more personal brand-related keywords into your site.

Accomplishments and Goals

Go beyond simply talking yourself up on your personal website by showing proof about how great you are at what you claim. Include:

  • Written testimonials from people you've worked with
  • A portfolio showing off projects you're proud of
  • Examples of awards and recognition you've received
  • Evidence regarding how you've made an impact

If you have personal business goals, include messaging about how you can help the people who visit your website. Use keywords that relate to your objectives as a prominent part of your messaging.

Contact Information

Once you've piqued the interest of people who have read about you on your site, make sure they can get in touch with you to learn more — and potentially hire you. Make it easy for people who come to your website to forge a deeper connection with you by explicitly displaying contact information. This could be a phone number or an email address.

If you're on social media, and your accounts are public and appropriate for people who visit your website, include those channels, as well. Visitors can learn more about you through them. The easier it is for people to reach you through your website, the more likely you'll accomplish your goals.

Use to Create the Best Website for Your Personal Brand

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