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Five Tools to Help Your Online Lead Generation Succeed

Whether you’re a doctor’s office, lawn and gardening specialist, or a plumber, you know that your small business needs a solid flow of leads to succeed month after month, year after year. We’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners with our Online Lead Generation product right here at, and our lead generation marketing experts are here to help you succeed.

Lead Generation Tool #1: Create a sales database

Managing your leads can make or break your online lead generation campaign. It’s important for your business to have a sales dashboard where you can input leads, make notes on their leads, and export contact details for those leads. Create a set of rules for this system so that you and your employees enter leads in an organized fashion, right from the start.

Lead Generation Tool #2: Create a lead-optimized website

You’ve heard all about search engine optimization, but what about lead optimization? It’s important for your small business to have a website that is optimized to convert leads – ensure the website has a modern design, a wealth of copy that provides value to the reader, great imagery, crisp call to actions, lead forms, and an easy conversion path, whether it’s to a product to purchase or a lead form to fill out.

Lead Generation Tool #3: Create regular promos

Online lead generation marketing is especially successful when promos are involved. Promos encourage future customers to choose you over the competition. Be sure to regularly rotate out your promos – don’t let them get stale.

Lead Generation Tool #4: Create an online lead generation marketing campaign

You need to put your small business out there online if you want to see leads funnel in. The Lead Generation Marketing product includes a comprehensive PPC and SEO campaign to help bring leads in to your business. Be sure to choose targeted key phrases to hone in on for PPC and SEO.

Lead Generation Tool #5: Create an online lead generation email marketing campaign

It’s one thing to get your leads and see them successfully convert, but are you following up with them? That’s where Email Marketing for lead generation comes in. Create an email marketing path to follow up with your leads after they converted to ensure that the next time they need a service like yours, they choose you.