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Online Payment Solutions

Take-A-Payment –’s Secure Payment Service

Our payments services application is user friendly and secure, making it easy to accept payments online.

People like convenience. With our Take-A-Payment application, your customers can easily pay for services, pay invoices or even make donations right on your website.


Perfect for Service Providers and Nonprofits

Whatever your business model or organization – plumbing, accounting, pet rescue, etc. –’s Take-A-Payment application allows you to accept credit card payments from anyone, simply and securely.

Online or On-the-Go—Taking your customer’s payments has never been simpler
Checks & Balances—Track all your customer payments and transactions details
Time Back in Your Day—No more trips to the bank and no more bounced checks
Data Security—Your customer’s data and payment information remains safe

Online Payment Solutions Made Easy

With’s Take-a-Payment service, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about customer payments and more time with your business. Just add the Take-A-Payment app to your website. It’s an easy and secure way to help customers make payments to you and your business.

A Reliable Online Payment Method

Regardless of your business model, having a reliable online payment solution is very important. It provides convenience for your customers and it provides your business with credibility. And credibility helps build your business. Sales, services or fundraising – it’s all made easier with a reliable payment method.

Secure Customer Payment Processing

Nothing is more important than ensuring your data and your customers’ information is locked tight. The Take-A-Payment app provides secure credit card processing. Every transaction and every payment is safeguarded, providing you and your customers with peace of mind.
† Customers on a monthly billing cycle are billed every four weeks.