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Get Endless Benefits When You Design Your Own Website

Whether you're a small-business owner or a freelancer first starting out, an online presence is essential to maintaining a credible professional brand. When you design your own website, you have control of your digital image, which can help in attracting more customers to your business. provides clear expert guidance for those who want to design a website but aren't sure where to start. With affordable, diverse template choices, design website options have never made getting online easier. Consider these nine reasons why designing your own website can help you grow your brand.

You Control the Design

Maybe you have custom artwork that has been created for you that perfectly visually tells the story you want to convey. Or maybe you'd like to peruse professional stock images to get inspired and better shape your brand strategy. With personalized website building from, you can customize the images and layout of your website to perfectly match what you want. From color scheme to placement of copy, you're in control, and you can modify the design whenever you want based on changing demands.

You Gain Instant Credibility

An ever-increasing sense of connectivity to smartphone and desktop devices makes consumers crave instant access to information online. People expect reliable brands to have strong presences online. A clean website, accessible from both mobile devices and computers will help elevate your brand when a potential customer does a web search.

You Can Showcase Your Expertise

Whatever you're most interested in and most knowledgeable in, when you design your own website, you get to alert visitors about your interests, experience, and capabilities. A website allows you to display client testimonials and examples of work. Special skills such as photography, writing, or videography are ideal to showcase on a website.

You Can Spell Out Your Goals

When you design a website, you're able to display:

  • The types of clients you want to work with
  • Your ideal work you'll be hired for
  • What you bring to the table in your area of expertise
  • What you want to accomplish

A website connects you with the ideal customers and improves your likelihood of working on projects you'll be passionate about. By displaying your objectives on a website, you're attracting factors that will help you achieve them.

You Can Power Your Search Results

Related to website visitors who are targeted and relevant to your personal or professional goals, a personalized design website strategy allows you to identify and focus on the keywords you want to rank for in search engines and use them to shape the messaging of your website. By featuring copy containing those keywords, by tagging images on your website with relevant search terms, and by using search engine optimization tools to more precisely target your customers, you're able to power your DIY website with meaningful search engine strategies that get more potential customers or clients looking at your site.

You Are Able to Get Discovered

Your most powerful personal or business connection might be the one who hasn't found you yet — and when you design your own website, you're one step closer to forming that relationship. A website gives you content marketing opportunities to get people to stumble upon your brand, while it also is a form of quick contact people can easily refer others to.

You Can Set Your Budget

By using a website builder from, you have the power to choose exactly the plan you want that fits your budget to design a website. Instead of working with a designer whose fees can unknowingly skyrocket because of uncertain terms, designing your own website allows you to take control of your budget during the process.

You Can Work on It Whenever You Want

Your time and your schedule are valuable, and your personal website design allows you to build your ideal site on your time. Whether you have a few extra minutes each night to dedicate to ramping it up, or you're able to spend more time at once to craft a beautiful website, you get time freedom and protection when you design a website.

You Can Get Valuable Feedback

Working with a designer might tie your hands in terms of getting feedback from key stakeholders and from those you trust if the designer is working on an inflexible schedule. When you design your own website, you can take as much time as you need to get input from those who matter, so you can make sure you're completely satisfied with the product before you publish the website.

Use to Design Your Own Website

Design your website in a few simple steps with's do it yourself website templates. Get access to starter templates, stock images, free domain name registration, unlimited web storage, and more with our affordable DIY website tools. Call us at 800-986-1477 today.